Incoming Romania

Romania is miracolous and excentric, archaic and modern, a land of contrasts where East and West meet and create a picturesque unique atmosphere.
Come to Romania searching for Bram Stoker’s Dracula and you will be amazed to find here German Baroque towns in Transylvania, medieval fortresses, the UNESCO protected Christian Orthodox Monasteries in Bucovina or the megalomaniac buildings of Ceausescu and the traces of Communist terror. Taste the local food and wine and become a detective of taste and heritage: is it more Turkish, Russian, French, German or Hungarian? Or is it plainly spoken: Romanian cuisine?
All in one place: Romania!
Dare more and let us take you to Moldova and explore the incredible underground cities of wine or maybe see how life in a communist state is by going just a step further to the only soviet-style part of the world still existing: Transnistria.
We have incredible memories waiting to become yours, that is why Travis Tourism is your incoming agency for Romania, no matter how large or small your group is, nor how long.